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KAT Online Interactive Network

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the accounting service industry. Kelsey Arndt & Tweit, PLLC. leads the way by utilizing the latest technology. At Kelsey Arndt & Tweit, PLLC., you can access all of your data 24/7 from our website through The KOIN.

The KOIN is a secure and efficient method to maintain and store your financial and non-financial data. Our web-based interactive solution is the ultimate solution for businesses or individuals located anywhere. The KOIN allows us to handle all of your accounting needs in a paperless environment. By utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we are able to provide you with up-to-date accounting data in real time. The KOIN can handle some or all of your accounting and payroll functions - the level of our involvement is up to you.

All of the tax returns and financial statements we prepare for our clients and any information exchanged with our clients is done on The KOIN through a secure internet portal. The KOIN also allows our clients to securely store sensitive financial and non financial data such as credit card information, wills and passports in a secure personal file cabinet that can not be accessed by anyone other than that client.

The KOIN technology will save you time. No more will you have to buy expensive software updates and install them or exchange data with your accountant using flash drives or disks. By utilizing SaaS, you will always be using the most current software available. Other links available on The KOIN allow our clients to conduct most of their business and gather useful information from our website. Almost everything you need will be available to you from one handy spot. To top it off, all of the data you have on The KOIN is backed up each day. If your computer crashes, the data you have on The KOIN will be safe and available for you to access any time, from anywhere you have internet access.